The Seabrook Association is started

       The Seabrook Association was formed in 1980 after several prominent Seabrook residents, Pat McCann, Bob Conner, Rex Meador and Jim Hargrove decided to create an organization which would bring more cohesiveness between local businesses, real estate, recreational interests and the fishing industries. The results of their efforts was the formation of the Seabrook Association which was, according to them, a group of “dedicated people – business owners, boaters, fishermen, residents and friends of Seabrook joined together to organize, develop and implement programs and projects contributing to Seabrook’ as the place to live, do business, relax and enjoy life”. Pat McCann, the first President of the association, implemented several goals which still guide the organization today. Join by membership in the association the interests of the residents of Seabrook, the recreational boating fraternity and the business community. Develop community and cultural projects jointly, utilizing the greater of an associated effort representing the total community. Work in cooperation with other community organizations in and outside Seabrook in the development of area projects, both civic and cultural. Function as a non-political organization working in concert with local civic groups and city government in “beautification” and improvement projects throughout the city.

After a year, Mayor Joe Pirtle was searching for a way to promote Seabrook and attract people to the area. It was decided to hold an event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the incorporation of the City of Seabrook. Subsequently, the first event known as the Seabrook Celebration was held on October 17, 1981 as a joint venture between the city and the Seabrook Association. A huge parade was held with Marie Conner as the chairman and former astronaut, Bob Crippen, as Grand Marshal. “I just loved the parades. They were so much fun”, remarked long-time member and Seabrook resident,the late Emogene Brummerhop. The entire event was a huge success and the Seabrook Association took over sponsorship the following year in 1982 and continued the tradition for every year with the exception of 1983 when Hurricane Alicia devastated the area. The event continued to grow over the years and had to move from the grounds of city hall to Meador Park in 1985 in order to facilitate the larger crowds. During the 80’s the one-day-event primarily consisted of the parades, performances from local performing arts groups, games, arts & crafts and a gumbo and chili cook-off.

During the late 80’s, a magazine was also created known as A Day at the Bay, a 50 to 70 page “program” which featured numerous articles of interest about the flavorful history of the area, its residents, businesses and details of the upcoming event. Local businesses supported the magazine by purchasing ads and local writers, artists, photographers and publishers contributed their talents towards the effort. “Big Tim” Hossler and S.J. Stout created the magnificent artwork for the covers which were cartoon-type caricatures of the familiar mascot “Seymour” the Seabrook Pelican, aka “See More” of Seabrook, and his friends at play on the bay. The magazine turned out to be a great fundraiser for the event. It has been chaired by several of our local residents including, Lynn Miller, Gloria Harvell, the late Barbara Myers, Lisa Guthrie and Diana Rodgers. Mike and Kay DuBois who published Telltales and owners of Kemah Kopies, worked diligently each year to assure a first-class publication was created. Copies of past editions of the magazine can still be found at the Evelyn Meador Library and it is a wonderful preservation of Seabrook’s rich heritage.

Beautification of the city and waterways has always been another primary focus for the association. Each month a business was selected to receive the Beautification Award in recognition of their efforts in making Seabrook an aesthetically pleasing community. Additionally, the organization has purchased Christmas decorations, flags, plants and flowers on several occasions to make the seaside village have a welcoming appearance. Numerous clean up efforts have also been supported, both through volunteer services and donations.

Members of the association were always looking for the next fun project. Over the years, they have hosted huge Easter Egg Hunts, Fishing Tournaments, Golf Tournaments, the Boot-Scootin’ Country & Western Dance, and a Valentine’s & Volunteers Celebration. During the 1990’s, music became a more dominating event during the festivities. Performances from favorite bands began to draw even larger crowds to the park. Seabrook Classic Café owner and former president, Brad Emel decided to feature larger, more nationally known acts to be showcased at the event. Bands Asleep at the Wheel, Delbert McClinton, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Wayne Toups, to name just a few, were crowd-pleasing acts that performed during that time period. For one weekend each year, during the month of October, Meador Park became the community playground for all ages. The Pelican Party was a sea of people casually kicked back on blankets or sitting in lawn chairs enjoying listening to the tunes coming from the main stage while the kids enjoyed games, face painting or devoured a bowl of chili or gumbo from the annual Cook-off contest which was highly competitive. It was a perfect family event. One year they even held a Seniors Beauty Contest.

It was also during this time that the name of the event changed from the Seabrook Celebration to the Seabrook Music Festival.