Skyler Bennett - 2017
             Victoria Nerey - 2015
             Haley Gibbs - 2014
             Skyler Yancey - 2008
             Matthew Charles Samson - 2006
             Amara Leticia Haaksman - 2005
             Ashley Nicole Trevitz - 2004
             Nicholas Anthony De Cesare - 2003
             William John Proft III - 2002
             Andrea Elizabeth Byrne - 2001
             Summer Lee Yancey - 2000


In conjunction with the overall mission of the Seabrook Association, we are offering a scholarship to a student residing in the 77586 postal code in pursuit of a higher education, taking into consideration academic performance and community service and involvement by applicant as significant deciding factors.  As an association of business owners, like-minded residents of Seabrook and friends of Seabrook we wish to continue to promote and provide access to higher education; as we believe, higher education is the back-bone to a successful community especially one such as Seabrook.


If you're interested in applying for our Scholarship and live in the 77586 ZIP code,

download our application here.